A writer, editor, and advocate.

Hello! I am a writer, editor, teacher, and education and disability advocate in Arlington, VA.

Hire me to write for you!

I write essays, reported pieces, humor, interviews, and book reviews. I tend to focus on parenting and disability, but I also love to write about other writers! Interviewing authors is one of my favorite things to do.

Hire me to edit!

I can help you with developmental editing at all stages, pitching, book proposals, agent searches, and finding the right publication for your piece(s)! I also edit both nonfiction and fiction for several literary journals.

Hire me to teach!

I teach writing classes around the DC area and online. I attend panels related to writing, parenting, disability, and education.

Hire me to advocate for you!

I work with families whose children aren’t getting the disability supports they need in school. I can help ease your mind and get you the information you need before, during, and after IEP and 504 meetings.

Contact me here about written work, editing, advocacy support, teaching, and speaking engagements!

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