A writer, advocate, and educator.

Before I was an advocate, I was a mother.
Before I was a mother, I was a classroom teacher.

As a parent with three kids of my own, I know how lonely and overwhelming this path can be. I’ve been on both sides of the table in IEP meetings. I’ve been called by principals and emailed by teachers. I’ve spent countless hours in psychiatrists’ waiting rooms and sitting next to hospital beds. I’ve worked extensively on my own parenting with in-home behavioral therapists. I’ve taught with and learned from counselors, occupational therapists, speech therapists, special education teachers, neurologists…the list goes on and on.

When my family’s needs prevented me from going back into the classroom, I decided to focus on supporting others who also felt frustrated and isolated on this journey. I started meeting with parents and writing about my experiences.

I’ve worked with hundreds of concerned mothers and fathers to help them plan their next steps. My essays and stories hit home with readers, and I now speak to large groups, serve on panels, and help to plan large-scale, disability-related events.

I have a Master of Education with a certificate in gifted instruction, but I’m also a mom who has cried and yelled and been down this road many times. I can give you or your parent group the tools needed to feel knowledgeable and in control. I will clarify educational options, explain the process, define the language, and most importantly: I will teach you to tell your child’s story in a way that is meaningful to the educators and practitioners who work with him or her.

I also teach writing classes, lead workshops, and edit both fiction and nonfiction work.

And I continue to write about hard things with an honest, approachable voice.

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