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Watcha Reading? New Books for Fall

Read this review of COMPANY (by Shannon Sanders) at The Washington City Paper.

Give Yourself Grace: A Conversation with DW McKinney

Read this interview at Literary Mama.

The Pressure And Pursuit Of Desires: Talking Flash Fiction With Tommy Dean

Read this piece at The Rumpus.

A Strong Flavor That Commands Attention: An interview with Sarah Fawn Montgomery

Read this piece at Atticus Review.

Stir It Up: James Tate Hill talks about reliving the past, goat cheese, and his new memoir “Blind Man’s Bluff”

Read this piece at Hobart.

Stir It Up: Aileen Weintraub talks food, pregnancy, and her new memoir

Read this piece at Hobart.

Subtexts: The Space Between What We Say And What We Mean

In his latest book, Arlington poet Dan Brady redefines form and explores the complicated and often misunderstood erasure poetry.

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Stir It Up: DeMisty Bellinger talks recipes, snacks, and her two new books

Read this piece at Hobart.

Stir It Up: Food and “The Other Ones” with Dave Housley

Read this piece at Hobart.

Stained with Autobiography: Talking with Christopher Gonzalez 

Talking with Chris about the craft and intensity of flash, autobiographical fingerprints in fiction, and the role of community in his development as a writer.

Read this piece at The Rumpus.

Jenn Koiter and So Much Of Everything 

With only a month to gather her work, the local artist published her debut book of poetry after winning Day Eight’s DC Poet Project earlier this year.

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Turning Natural Order On Its Head: Barrelhousing with Jennifer Fliss

Talking to Jennifer about field mice, flash fiction, and, of course, The Swayze Question.

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Leslie Pietrzyk’s ‘Admit This to No One’ Captures a Crisp D.C. 

The award-winning author chats about her latest book, working with small presses, and leaving the city she loves.

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Melissa Scholes Young Is Creating Buzz With ‘The Hive’

The American University professor and author’s new novel has already been optioned by Sony Entertainment.

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‘Bride of the Sea’ Follows a Family Across Borders and Decades

Eman Quotah’s debut novel is a poet’s manuscript—a compelling story that comes alive in its lyricism.

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City Lights: Chloe Yelena Miller’s Viable

Miller’s poetry collection Viable will be featured during a virtual panel with Laura Van Prooyen and Jeff Oaks, other poets with collections with or forthcoming from Lily Poetry Review

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Risky Stories: A conversation with Alysia Sawchyn

Talking about ‘a fish growing lungs.’

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A Preview of Must-Read Fall Books by Area Authors

Area writers are putting out some incredible new work this fall.

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We Know This Will All Disappear: An Interview With Melissa Ragsly

If you long for vulnerable, sad truths–Ragsly is the author to read.

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Trace: An Interview with Melanie Figg

Melanie Figg’s new full-length poetry collection Trace gives voice to family, feminism, and individual history through the lens of art.

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Hybrid By Nature: A Conversation with Tara Campbell

Tara Campbell discusses her new book POLITICAL AF: A RAGE COLLECTION.

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An Interview with Jen Malia

The writer/advocate talks autism, #ownvoices, and drawing creative inspiration from her three children.

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Interview: Todd Dillard

“Ways We Vanish” is out now!

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With Bookstores Closed, Local Writers Must Find New Ways to Connect With Readers

Talking with Amber Sparks, Alysia Li YIng Sawchyn, and Courtney Le Blanc about their new collections and the DC literary scene’s path toward a virtual community.

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Owning The Narrative: A Conversation with Megan Fernandes

Megan Fernandes is a writer known for her purposeful, driven words that defy traditionally defined boundaries or easy summarization.

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Exploring DC’s LGBTQ Literary Community With OutWrite Chair Dave Ring

“If you ask 10 queer writers about publishing, you’ll likely get 10 different opinions,” Ring says.

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Beautiful Raft: An Interview with Tina Barry

Tina Barry is a poetry and fiction writer who mixes and bends genres with a deft touch.

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Interview with Courtney LeBlanc, author of Beautiful and Full of Monsters

LeBlanc changes you through her story-telling in verse.

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An Interview with Susan Muaddi Darraj

The writer talks kid lit, #OwnVoices, and the importance of authentic storytelling.

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The Beat of the Poem: Talking with Tatiana Figueroa Ramirez

Pushing beyond writing for a Eurocentric audience, the importance of language within a poem, spoken word poetry as an influence on poetry as a whole, and writing her identity into her poems.

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Ten Literary Gift Ideas Featuring The Work Of Local Authors

Plenty of area writers have put out great work this year, so grab something for the readers in your life.

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Six Local Presses You Should know

These small presses put out great work that might not otherwise be published.

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An interview with Tara Laskowski

The debut novelist talks suspense, the dark side of human nature, and One Night Gone.

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An interview with Christine Platt

Local children’s author Christine Platt chats about having 13 books publishing in 2020.

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It Was the Scarlet That Did It: An Interview with Sarah Trembath

Sarah’s new poetry collection It Was The Scarlet That Did It came out this year with Moonstone Press and her first book, The Past Was Waiting For Me, published in 2018 with Sankofa Love Project.

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An Interview with Riane Konc

The humorist talks satire, Hallmark Christmas movies, and the singular genius of Jack Handey.

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Three Local Poets Discuss Their Riveting New Collections.

Reuben Jackson, Seema Reza, and Jose Padua have each released distinct, personal books of poetry.

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Five Books from Five Local Authors That’ll Have You Crying, Laughing, and Everything In Between.

D.C.’s literary talents are blossoming!

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What’s out there? What’s next? Barrelhousing with Zach Powers

Happy book birthday to Zach Powers’ eagerly awaited novel FIRST COSMIC VELOCITY!

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