Let me help you tell your story.

I lead workshops and attend panels related to writing, editing, and publishing.

But I also meet with parents to discuss individual challenges related to educational services and mental health support.

I speak to large and small groups about special education services, implementing inclusion in schools and the community, twice-exceptional students and their needs, and parenting children with autism and/or mental health diagnoses.

I lead workshops about disability in and out of the classroom, the special education process, and inclusion. I help parents connect to their community and resources, and I guide parents in developing their voices as advocates.

You are the expert when it comes to your child. Whether you need help at the IEP table or want to publish an essay about your experiences as a parent, I can offer guidance and support.

Let me help you tell your story!

Hannah has a knack for putting parents at ease.
She creates a space where parents are able to breathe, learn, laugh, and even cry together.
Her warmth and authenticity are refreshing, and our parents left the workshop that night with valuable tools in their toolbox and a sense of hope! I don’t think anyone wanted to leave the comfort she created in that room.

Lauren Geraghty
Associate Pastor, Messiah United Methodist Church

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