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Stark True Experiences: An Interview with Hannah Grieco

Parenting, editing, and her new anthology AND IF THAT MOCKINGBIRD DON’T SING.

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Fall for the Book: Our Haunted Pasts

Three writers imagine how memory can reshape and haunt their current-day lives.

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1455’s 3rd Annual Summer Fest: Creative Nonfiction Editor Panel

What makes a work of creative nonfiction compelling and unforgettable? What’s the difference between literary nonfiction and the essays you see in freelance publications? What are nonfiction editors looking for in their literary submissions? Learn what editors want to read, what makes a piece stand out from the slush, and what mistakes writers often make when submitting their true stories to literary journals.

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Soak It All Up And Learn With Hannah Grieco

United Against Silence w/ CBAW

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Micro Podcast: Editor Edition

Hannah Grieco is an editor at JMWW Journal and Porcupine Literary.

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The 14:55 with Hannah Grieco
Sean Murphy, Executive Director of 1455, poses 15 questions in (less than) 15 minutes in this fast-paced and insightful series.
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Fear No Lit: Readings on the Pike with Hannah Grieco
Going Virtual!
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Creating Equity for Students with Special Needs
A roundtable with Principal Leadership Magazine.
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Trauma-informed Changemakers: Hannah Grieco
A new webinar about effective positive change in school and at home.
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The ‘Wild Ride’ of Writer Hannah Grieco
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Autism Through a Literary Lens
How can language used to write about autism make an impact on public discourse?
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