Articles A Parenting Magazine Would Publish If Your Mother-in-Law Was Editor in Chief

Why are you crying?

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Thank You for Calling Divided Health!

A not-entirely-fictional interaction with a beloved insurance rep.

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Mom’s Summer Break Pandora Playlist: The Descent

Is July always this long? Why did we think working from home was a viable option?

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Six Summertime Childcare Options for Working Parents

A satirical look at the challenges of summer.

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Powering Up

A working mom’s morning with three kids with special needs.

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Lies We Tell Our Children: Gerbil Edition

We are a pet-obsessed house. We’ve owned dogs, hermit crabs, a Betta, and our fair share of rodents. We once had two delightful gerbil sisters, one white and one black. My middle daughter, six at the time, named them Puffy and Bob.

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